Yag Laser Capsulotomy

For the treatment of posterior capsule thickening

Why am I being offered laser treatment?

An examination of your eyes has shown that the membrane behind your cataract implant (posterior capsule) is thickened and is affecting your sight. This is a common complication usually following cataract surgery.

What is the aim of laser treatment?

The aim of the treatment is to create an opening in this membrane with the laser, and subsequently improve your sight. YAG laser capsulotomy is usually only required once, but it may be repeated if necessary depending on individual circumstances. The procedure should take up to 10 minutes and is carried out as an outpatient appointment.

Eye drops will be used to dilate your pupil(s) which will leave your vision blurry for several hours following the procedure. For this reason, you must not drive and arrange suitable transport to and from the appointment.

Drops will be put into your eyes to numb the surface.

You will be asked to rest your chin in front of the YAG laser whilst the procedure takes place.

A special contact lens will then be placed onto your eye to hold your eyelids open and focus the laser beam.

The special contact lens is then removed.

What should I expect after the laser treatment?

You may be given eye drops and tablets to take afterwards depending on the dose of laser you receive. Your consultant will advise you further regarding this.

What are the risks of laser treatment?

Whilst complications from this procedure are uncommon, it is important patients are made aware of any potential risks. Your consultant will discuss any potential risks specific to you based on the health of your eyes and your general health.

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