Cosmetic Eye Treatments

As you get older, the fragile skin surrounding the eye can start to show signs of ageing, sometimes long before other areas of your face. Age is not always the determining factor; lifestyle, stress, a weak facial structure or prolonged sun exposure can all contribute. You may therefore wish to explore cosmetic procedures in order to correct damage caused to the skin, this can involve both surgical and non-surgical options.

Whilst we will endeavour to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome, please note that this is not always possible and perfect results cannot always be achieve. Where possible, we can offer minor surgical revisions following your initial procedure to correct and get closer to your desired goal. We would advise making your expectations clear when discussing your options with the surgeon.

Video:  Mrs Antonella Berry-Brincat explains cosmetic eyelid surgery

BOTOX® Treatment

Cosmetic surgery is not always necessary, and a patient may choose a non-surgical procedure through a BOTOX® injection. This involves a consultant ophthalmologist injecting a measured dosage of BOTOX® into a specific area of the face where wrinkles are prevalent in order to harden up the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. The procedure is temporary and usually lasts for 3-5 months before requiring another dose of injections.

Eyelid and Eyelid Bag Surgery

A blepharoplasty (term used for cosmetic eyelid surgery) is a very specialised procedure for eye bag removal and eyelid reconstruction. This procedure can help reduce the noticeable effects of aging around the eye.

If excess skin is reducing vision, a patient can explore Ptosis surgery. This involves a reduction of excess skin in order to clear any obstructions in front of the eye, leading to better overall vision.

         Before the Surgery                                                              After the Surgery


You need to be in good health and undergo a thorough examination and discussion with your doctor prior to surgery for eyelid bags.

The surgery for eyelid bags can remove the extra fat tissue and excess skin by tightening them up while also improving vision that could be impaired by droopy, sagging eyelids.

The benefits could be:

  • Increased overall self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Take away that 'weary look'
  • Correct premature ageing
  • Rejuvenated appearance/Look younger
  • Improved vision in some cases

Possible Complications

As with all operations, there are risks involved in having an eyelid bag surgery, such as healing, dry eye, red eye, optical changes and scarring. Although the risks are unlikely, it is important to discuss your procedure in detail with your eye surgeon.

Due to the area been operated being quite tender, possible bruising may appear after the surgery and the actual eye area can become sensitive and dry.

Patients are encouraged to stay as mobile and upright as possible during the early recovery stage to help reduce any swelling or bruising.

The fine incisions made during this procedure are generally well concealed and discreet. However, the appearance of scars, which generally fade adequately after surgery, wound vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

What are the costs?

Initial no obligation consultation, including full diagnostics from £200

Blepharoplasty - Both Upper Eyelids
From £1,400

Blepharoplasty - Both Lower Eyelids
From £1,800

Blepharoplasty - 4 Eyelids
From £3,000

Ptosis Procedure, Unilater/Simple – From £1,200

BOTOX ® Injection – From £250

2 Free post-operative check-up appointments

We offer 12 months 0% interest free on all treatments

Disclaimer: Whilst we pride ourselves on offering straightforward and transparent prices, the cost of cosmetic procedures are dependent on the complexity of an individual case. The prices advertised are a starting guide, and a specific quote can only be obtained following an examination and tests with the consultant.