At the stoneygate eye hospital we have two dedicated oculoplastic surgeons. Antonella Berry Brincat & Raghavan Sampath. Both surgeons are trained primarily for abnormalities of the eyelids and surrounding areas.

Surgeries include eyelid cysts and tumors, thyroid eye disease, watering eyes, drooping eyelids (ptosis), orbital diseases and blepharoplasty.

Price – Is very much dependent on the level of treatment and this will be calculated after your first intital consultation.

However here are some guidelines –





Cyst Removable






Other cosmetic options are also available such as botox and fillers.


At Stoneygate we have our Glaucoma specialist Mr Rajen Tailor he spciealises in Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of conditions in which the optic nerve suffers a characteristic form of damage at the back of the eye which is often associated with a raised level of intraocular pressure. 

The optic nerve damage causes patchy loss of vision that varies in severity from patient to patient.

Without treatment, the loss of vision usually gets worse over the course of many months or several years. The loss of vision in glaucoma is permanent, but with early treatment, the damage to vision can be minimised.

Most patients with glaucoma are not aware of problems with their vision. This is because the central vision (for reading and recognising people) is only affected when glaucoma has advanced to a late stage.