Thyroid Eye Disease:

This is a very complex area of management. The treatment depends on the severity of the disease, progression of the disease, thyroid function control.

Mr. Sampath has a combined clinic with the endocrinologist for treating such patients.

The majority of the patients do not have sight threatening problems or cosmetically disabling proptosis(bulgy eyes) and can be treated medically.

Mr. Sampath’s team are specialised in managing the condition. If surgery is required for sight threatening or cosmetic reasons- various options are available like lid surgery, fat decompression, bony decompression etc.

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Orbital Fractures:

Usually results from trauma- sport related or otherwise. Can be associated with eye injuries. Eye examination vital when dealing with such fractures.

One should seek early attention for management.

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This is a very specialised field. The orbital tumours can vary from the benign types like dermoid to a malignant one like adenoid cystic carcinoma.

Mr. Sampath’s team has an orbital clinic to see the patients and have joint meetings with specialised radiologists and histo-pathological consultants.

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