This can affect any age group – usually due to a blocked tear drainage apparatus. It can also paradoxically happen due to dry eyes. There are plenty of other causes like weak lid, ocular surface abnormality, misdirected lashes etc.

Mr. Sampath’s team run a watery eye clinic at Leicester Royal Infirmary and consults for the condition in the private sector.

The treatment for watery eyes include both medical and surgical treatment. Leicester was one of the initial centres to offer surgery endoscopically (key hole without skin incision) when indicated for watery eyes.

Please click here for more Information about lacrimal problems (watery eyes).

What are the causes of watery eye?

Premium Lenses:

Now patients undergoing cataract surgery can have the benefit to see far and near together by opting for a multifocal lens or an accommodating IOL These IOL’s, called “premium” lenses are not available on the NHS but give an almost full spectrum of vision, from far to near. We would be happy to discuss these options with you.