What is a Yag Laser?

An examination of your eyes has shown that the membrane behind your cataract implant (posterior capsule) is thickened and is affecting your sight.

What is YAG laser capsulotomy?

What is the aim of laser treatment?

The aim of the treatment is to create an opening in this membrane with the laser. The treatment aims to improve your sight.

What does YAG laser capsulotomy involve?

This is usually a one-off treatment; but sometimes it may have to be repeated. You will receive the treatment at an outpatient appointment. Eye drops will be used to dilate your pupil(s). For this reason, you should not drive – Please arrange for someone to drive you to and from your laser appointment.

What should I expect after the laser treatment?

You may be given eye drops and tablets to take afterwards depending on the dose of laser you received. Your consultant will advise you further regarding this.


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Mr Mokashi explains Yag Laser